Waxed Roses Sensation


Waxed Roses Sensation supplies the largest and best assortment of wax roses all year round. We only work with specially selected roses and with over 18 years of experience, we know what the best ingredients are for a top quality wax rose! We also offer you, as a customer, a wide choice in color and decoration. Everything is possible with the roses from Waxed Roses Sensation!



Only the best quality roses

Quality comes first at Waxed Roses Sensation! Our partners, top growers SK Roses, Meijer Roses en Van Rijn Roses, ensure that only the best roses are selected for us.

The roses are distinguished by having a thick stem with a big strong head. The excellent quality of the roses, in combination with our years of experience in the area of waxing, ensure an extra long shelf life.



Experience and customer-oriented.

With over 18 years of experience, we know what the right ingredients are for a top quality wax rose. In Abbenes we wax a wide range of wax roses. So much is possible, both in terms of color and decoration. View our extensive range or contact us to see how we can meet your specific wishes. 

Also in the field of logistics we can, as part of the L&M Group, provide optimal service. Our wax roses are directly deliverable from stock in the Cash & Carry or via the webshop of VE. Do you have specific wishes or orders, please contact me or one of our sales staff.



From A to Z, anything is possible with us.

Every year we offer you the best and largest assortment of wax roses.  The wax roses can be supplied in all kinds of different colors. There are also many possibilities in the field of decoration: snow, glitter, matt or glossy.

Roses from Waxed Roses Sensation are also available in different lengths: 50 (Athena), 60 or 70 centimeter (Avalanche). In short: everything is possible with the roses from Waxed Roses Sensation!

View our extensive range here . Do you have questions about the possibilities in terms of color or discoloration? Then contact one of our sales staff.



We are happy to be of service to you.

The wax roses of Waxed Roses Sensations are available from VE. Feel free to visit the Cash & Carry in FloraHolland Rijnsburg or order directly online via the webshop!

For large orders or questions about the range you can contact one of our sales staff or use the following contact form.

Willem Driebergen

Tel: 06 22 24 55 20

Mail: [email protected]

Henry van den Eijkel

Tel: 06 22 24 55 19

Mail: [email protected]

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